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What’s in her bag?-Monette Gacula October 5, 2010

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Remember when I did what’s in my bag post here? One of my office mate volunteered (yes! no harassment involved) to let me dig in her bag. And surprisingly, her bag was messier than mine! Haha.. We had a good laugh about what we have in common.Girls.:)

Billabong Red Sack Bag

Tell us about your bag.

“I love bags without zippers so it would be easier to just throw things in. I call these bags sack bags. I use a bag until it doesn’t look like a bag anymore.

Monette's stuff

-nexcare sponge and ear plugs (giveaways which i forgot to leave at home)
-ACCESSORIES: bangles, crocheted purple brooch from Miss Pink Fingers, headband, id necklace from MPF (Isometimes change my mind and just remove them or sometimes wear them back on)
Johnson’s compact powder, nivea baby oil for my face sometimes and sanitary pad for emergency.:)
-pink metallic mirror
-Guess wallet (just a gift)
-blackberry charger, manual and CD
-Mercury and watsons plastic bag for my medicines (medrol, telfast and vitamins)
-MRT card, receipts, scratch paper
Cattleya notebook as journal for sudden flow of emotions and craft ideas, and list of expenses; blue pen from office
-Agatha Christie novel (greatest mystery novelist of all time since the 30’s, I never guessed the criminal or how the crime happened, ever!)
-denim pouch and case logic pouch (for my nokia flashlight and BB)
-USB with emo-tim burton’s strap (my nephew’s)
-black bag organizer from Vannie
-home keys

Do check out Monette’s blog and her on-line store to know about this quirky girl. I’m sure you’ll gonna love her as much as I do.

I think I shall be posting more of this kind.:) Egziting!:)


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