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Scrappy Day September 30, 2010

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So I did a “scrappy day” last Saturday and gaahhh, if these papers can turn into dollar bills, I would probably be the richest girl in our village. Haha.. Anyway, what are the benefits of doing a scrappy day? For messy girls like me well here are some of them:

1.) You will run across some of the documents you have been searching for. Yes, remember the times when you almost threw everything but you couldn’t find what you are looking for? It’s either you have been so amnesiac (like me) or some people living in your house had been so “pakialamera”.: l

2.) You will find some notes, pictures and stuffs that remind you of your sweet/bitter past that will make you sigh or smile. That can be an old photo, a sweet note or a birthday card that you just can’t resist keeping even if you’re tempted throwing it a couple of times. Reminisce.*wink*

3.) You can learn the art of Recycling. Why throw all of those papers when you can sell it and have moolah.:) I think SM is having “trash to cash” ( program every Saturday. Talking about being wise huh?

4.) Nothing beats a Clean and Organized room of course. If you’re sharing a room with someone, isn’t it fulfilling to see the smile of your roommate when she enters the room. As for me, I’m working on it. Haha.:)

So here are some stuff I thought is worth-keeping.:)

Scrap to Love


Birthday Card given to me by CS Dept. for my 23rd birthday. The Messages are so sweet.

HP 2010 Planner

A card given by a good friend.

NSO Birth Certificate of my youngest sister. (Should I really keep this? *evil smile*)

Vaccination Certificate of my my dog Peewee.

Caltrate Plus Tabs (Thankfully they’re not yet expired!) for my back problem

Louis Vuitton Card

Fitness First Exercise Activities Guide


Forever 21 Tag (Yeah weird! I’m keeping them to remind me how much of a spender I was! 😦 )

Personal and Wellness Pass (This is a record of why and why I should go back to the gym.)

Wi-tribe application Form ( I heard it’s good.)

Picture of B and Me in Tagaytay Zip line)

Food Delivery Stubs (Sicilian, Lot’s a Pizza, Delifrance)

A lighter

It won’t take 30 minutes of your time  to do this kind of activity but save 30+ minutes next time you go looking for stuff that seems to evade you for no reason.:)


2 Responses to “Scrappy Day”

  1. Fitz Says:

    Hi, thanks for the link. 😀

    And yeah, one of the things I love about cleaning around and is that it can really take you on a nostalgic memory trip back to the times when you got them.

    There are indeed some stuff worth keeping, and others – you can’t wait to just throw away. 😉

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