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Social Networking Personalities September 27, 2010

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Saturday was my “scrappy day” (making butbot to my bags, cabinets… and sorting out the papers that I just stuck in there and took ages for me to clean up), I found this notebook of my sister and I just can’t help but to laugh after reading this. It is a notebook from Stradmore named “Fakebook”. Catchy isn’t it? Yes, that’s why I didn’t have the second thought to publish it here. Please finish reading before making a comment or reaction. I’m sure, all of us using social networking sites can relate to this “Fakebookers”.Haha.

Pardon my photos if they’re not that crystal clear. This is what the notebook says:

Stradmore "Fakebookers"

The Paparazzi, The Filterless, The Pseudo-Mysterious

The Herald, The Ghost, The Gamer

Ken Nutspel, the Autobiographer, Poor Baby, The Rash

The SuperFan, The Politician

The Politician Caption:

The Politician-On average, one has 120 friends on a social networking site. Ok, social butterflies might probably have 300 to 400 friends. But hello? 1, 000 friends? Unless you’re the mayor or a showbiz celebrity, no one has that many friends. the Politician accumulates most of his “friends” by going through others’ pages and “friend-ing” perfect strangers. Also called “Friend Padder or “Friend Addict”.

Funny but oh-so-true right? Unconsciously or consciously, we know we are one of those Fakebookers. But who cares? We are entitled whatever we want to do because it’s our site, our own little space in the web. We just have to respect that.

Disclaimer: This is not published for advertisement purposes but for purely entertainment. But if Stradmore tumbles upon this blog, I’m much more willing to blog about your products.



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