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What’s in her bag?-Monette Gacula October 5, 2010

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Remember when I did what’s in my bag post here? One of my office mate volunteered (yes! no harassment involved) to let me dig in her bag. And surprisingly, her bag was messier than mine! Haha.. We had a good laugh about what we have in common.Girls.:)

Billabong Red Sack Bag

Tell us about your bag.

“I love bags without zippers so it would be easier to just throw things in. I call these bags sack bags. I use a bag until it doesn’t look like a bag anymore.

Monette's stuff

-nexcare sponge and ear plugs (giveaways which i forgot to leave at home)
-ACCESSORIES: bangles, crocheted purple brooch from Miss Pink Fingers, headband, id necklace from MPF (Isometimes change my mind and just remove them or sometimes wear them back on)
Johnson’s compact powder, nivea baby oil for my face sometimes and sanitary pad for emergency.:)
-pink metallic mirror
-Guess wallet (just a gift)
-blackberry charger, manual and CD
-Mercury and watsons plastic bag for my medicines (medrol, telfast and vitamins)
-MRT card, receipts, scratch paper
Cattleya notebook as journal for sudden flow of emotions and craft ideas, and list of expenses; blue pen from office
-Agatha Christie novel (greatest mystery novelist of all time since the 30’s, I never guessed the criminal or how the crime happened, ever!)
-denim pouch and case logic pouch (for my nokia flashlight and BB)
-USB with emo-tim burton’s strap (my nephew’s)
-black bag organizer from Vannie
-home keys

Do check out Monette’s blog and her on-line store to know about this quirky girl. I’m sure you’ll gonna love her as much as I do.

I think I shall be posting more of this kind.:) Egziting!:)


Damn Enrique is so HOT! October 1, 2010

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What’s in your bag? September 30, 2010

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I’ve been reading this kind of post from the blogs I read so I decided to make one too.:) I’m still in search for the bag organizer where i can fit in all of my things so my bag won’t look like a hodgepodge of stuff. But being a messy girl that I’am, I wish myself luck.:)


L Photo:

-Bottle of Alcohol for disinfection.;P

-Nexcacre Strips. because i’m so careless I often get bruises, cuts and wounds. They’re so Kawaii right? will blog about it soon.:)

Samples of PONDS Black Facial Wash I got in LRT.

-Bath and Body Spray.I love its powdery scent.

-Samsung Digicam.

-My company ID.

-Revlon Blush-on in Softspoken Pink Shade.

-Revlon Matte Lipstick in Nude Attitude and Pink Pout Shade.

-Revlon Liquid Eyeliner Pen

-Maybelline Pressed Face Powder

-Watsons Lip Balm

-Vintage Gold Brooch


-Medicines (Caltrate Plus and Pain reliever) for my back problem.

R Photo:

-HP 2010 Planner, cute pen  and dermatograph for note taking.

-Headbands and Hair Pony.

-Bag Tag

-Two oversize shades

-Two wallets from Marithe Francois Girbaud. These two were a birthday gift from my mentor.:)

Has any one of you noticed that I don’t have a hairbrush or comb? Lol!:)

I’m loving my brown leather bag also from Girbaud which is really spacious enough to fit in  all my daily essentials.

I wanna know what’s in your bag too! Can you share it with me?:)


Scrappy Day

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So I did a “scrappy day” last Saturday and gaahhh, if these papers can turn into dollar bills, I would probably be the richest girl in our village. Haha.. Anyway, what are the benefits of doing a scrappy day? For messy girls like me well here are some of them:

1.) You will run across some of the documents you have been searching for. Yes, remember the times when you almost threw everything but you couldn’t find what you are looking for? It’s either you have been so amnesiac (like me) or some people living in your house had been so “pakialamera”.: l

2.) You will find some notes, pictures and stuffs that remind you of your sweet/bitter past that will make you sigh or smile. That can be an old photo, a sweet note or a birthday card that you just can’t resist keeping even if you’re tempted throwing it a couple of times. Reminisce.*wink*

3.) You can learn the art of Recycling. Why throw all of those papers when you can sell it and have moolah.:) I think SM is having “trash to cash” ( program every Saturday. Talking about being wise huh?

4.) Nothing beats a Clean and Organized room of course. If you’re sharing a room with someone, isn’t it fulfilling to see the smile of your roommate when she enters the room. As for me, I’m working on it. Haha.:)

So here are some stuff I thought is worth-keeping.:)

Scrap to Love


Birthday Card given to me by CS Dept. for my 23rd birthday. The Messages are so sweet.

HP 2010 Planner

A card given by a good friend.

NSO Birth Certificate of my youngest sister. (Should I really keep this? *evil smile*)

Vaccination Certificate of my my dog Peewee.

Caltrate Plus Tabs (Thankfully they’re not yet expired!) for my back problem

Louis Vuitton Card

Fitness First Exercise Activities Guide


Forever 21 Tag (Yeah weird! I’m keeping them to remind me how much of a spender I was! 😦 )

Personal and Wellness Pass (This is a record of why and why I should go back to the gym.)

Wi-tribe application Form ( I heard it’s good.)

Picture of B and Me in Tagaytay Zip line)

Food Delivery Stubs (Sicilian, Lot’s a Pizza, Delifrance)

A lighter

It won’t take 30 minutes of your time  to do this kind of activity but save 30+ minutes next time you go looking for stuff that seems to evade you for no reason.:)


Social Networking Personalities September 27, 2010

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Saturday was my “scrappy day” (making butbot to my bags, cabinets… and sorting out the papers that I just stuck in there and took ages for me to clean up), I found this notebook of my sister and I just can’t help but to laugh after reading this. It is a notebook from Stradmore named “Fakebook”. Catchy isn’t it? Yes, that’s why I didn’t have the second thought to publish it here. Please finish reading before making a comment or reaction. I’m sure, all of us using social networking sites can relate to this “Fakebookers”.Haha.

Pardon my photos if they’re not that crystal clear. This is what the notebook says:

Stradmore "Fakebookers"

The Paparazzi, The Filterless, The Pseudo-Mysterious

The Herald, The Ghost, The Gamer

Ken Nutspel, the Autobiographer, Poor Baby, The Rash

The SuperFan, The Politician

The Politician Caption:

The Politician-On average, one has 120 friends on a social networking site. Ok, social butterflies might probably have 300 to 400 friends. But hello? 1, 000 friends? Unless you’re the mayor or a showbiz celebrity, no one has that many friends. the Politician accumulates most of his “friends” by going through others’ pages and “friend-ing” perfect strangers. Also called “Friend Padder or “Friend Addict”.

Funny but oh-so-true right? Unconsciously or consciously, we know we are one of those Fakebookers. But who cares? We are entitled whatever we want to do because it’s our site, our own little space in the web. We just have to respect that.

Disclaimer: This is not published for advertisement purposes but for purely entertainment. But if Stradmore tumbles upon this blog, I’m much more willing to blog about your products.



B&W September 21, 2010

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I just want to share this photo taken by my boyfriend. Emotion.

Photography of Jeff Callos


Project 101:Spread the Infectious Smile Virus

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I’m quite excited for this project. Spoil? No. I will keep you hanging for now.

This will infect you worse than that of AH1N1 virus.